ZERO EXPORT controller

The elgris ZERO EXPORT offers an advanced easy-to-use control solution for grid connected solar systems with export limitations.

PV ZERO export controller

● Smart meter and controller in one device

● Prevent power feed-in to the grid

● Zero export function

● Optimize self-consumption

With our ZERO EXPORT controler, you have a variety of options to regulate your solar energy. 

Unique benefits of the elgris ZERO controller:

● Single component solution

● Solar inverter independent

● Real-time control of up to 10 different inverters

● Easy to use web interface for configuration and USB data-logging

● Attractive pricing

Functional description:

With increasing utility regulations for export control in residential and medium size commercial PV systems, the elgris ZERO EXPORT controller is the perfect solution!

Export limitation means that the amount of solar energy in the system is controlled by adjusting the set point of the inverters in the system. The integrated power analyser measures the total power at the point of coupling and compares this with the adjustable set point of the controller. When the consumption from the grid is above this set point, the solar energy will be increased, when the consumption is below this set point, the solar energy will be reduced.

The elgris ZERO EXPORT controller is available as a single or three phase device and accepts also up to ten different types of inverters and manufactures. The ZERO EXPORT combines a power analyser, data logger and controller into one device. By linking three devices in one elgris developed a new generation of single component solution. At any time, the ZERO EXPORT prevents the solar system from feeding in to the grid.
This greatly reduces the costs for the system and space needed.

The real-time control which can be adopted with an easy to use web interface, provide the actual and the historical consumption of grid and solar power via a graphic illustration. The controller records the data for later evaluations on an USB medium. By using intelligent switching of loads with user adoptable thresholds, the self consumption can be maximized.

Every system has a different layout and requirements. The simple to use web based user interface together with a guided installation tutorial, commissioning will not take more than 5 minutes of your valuable time.
Simple user settings allow the ZERO EXPORT to be easily configured for your specific system (or system requirements). elgris keeps strong focus on customer needs and flexibility concept to adjust optimized solutions.

The ZERO EXPORT controller supports a large number of different inverter manufacturers

Please inform for other inverters since the supported inverters list is growing every day!

Working principle:

Export limitation refers to minimizing the amount of excess power from a PV system being delivered to the grid. Zero feed-in means no excess PV power is delivered to the grid.

Export to the grid = Produced solar energy > Consumption from the grid


Dynamic feed-in control

Until now, no easy to use and universal solution was available to regulate the amount of solar energy fed into the grid while taking advantage of self-consumption at the same time. elgris offers the first product that allows a dynamic limitation for almost all inverters available on the market today.

By taking advantage of dynamic limitation compared to a fix limit for the inverter (like 70%) the energy consumption from the grid will be greatly reduced.
Without dynamic limitation, the energy from the solar system is shunted as soon as the production is above the fixed limit.

With the elgris ZERO EXPORT, the power is first redirected into the consumers of the house like water heater or other domestic appliances.

The ZERO EXPORT controller measures in real time the power flowing in the system and adjusts the set point of the solar system accordingly. In case of energy flow towards the grid, the elgris ZERO EXPORT will reduce the solar system. When there is a positive balance in the system, all solar energy is being used within the installation.

With the ZERO EXPORT elgris offers the first inverter independent solution to dynamically control the solar energy output form the inverter and thus optimize the total system reducing the total cost.

Due to the integrated solution combining a high-resolution power analyzer, data logger and controller dynamic feed in control is not more complicated than needed.

Supported grid types

The elgris ZERO is a flexible ZEC and can be used world wide. The integrated energy meter can measure 50 Hz and 60 Hz systems. Either single phase, split phase or three phase systems with a line voltage between 60 – 480 V ( 277 Vac L1 – N). The power supply for the ZEC is integrated and takes the power from L1 and N, meaning there is no need for an additional power supply or wiring.

Current sensors

The current is measured with easy to install split core current sensors up to 100 A per phase. For applications requiring a higher current, suitable current sensors can be connected with a nominal output of 1 A / 5 A.

Ripple receiver

In some applications, the utility company requires to have an interface to the solar system to adjust the amount of power produced at any time. The ZERO EXPORT is offering this functionality standard. There is no need for an additional device required by the utility company, all the required inputs are available and have priority over the dynamic feed in control.

Fail safe system

Field experience gained over almost 10 years and installations installed world wide ensures the highest quality standards and safety precautions. All wiring is done hard wired and the controller offers multiple safety levels to ensure a reliable operation under all conditions.

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