When you want to use solar energie to reduce the fuel consumption of a Diesel generator you need a special controller to control the amount of PV energy within the total system.
At elgris we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of controller for hybrid systems as „Fuel Saving Controllers“ and hybrid systems in general.
Our product portfolio range from single generator applications as backup up to multi genset applications with several MW.


The HYBRID BASIC controller is an easy to use and high quality control system targeting fuel saving generator applications. Not only for prime power generator applications but also grid connected PV systems with a standby generator can benefit of the elgris Fuel Saving BASIC controller.

Unique features of the elgris controller define new standards in terms of commissioning time, durability and performance. Based on the inhouse developed HYBRID control algorithm, the elgris controller determines the operating point of a single generator and adjusts the photovoltaic system accordingly.

The HYBRID BASIC controller reduce the consumption of Diesel at a maximum level and at the same time minimize the investment in balance of system components like solar panels, inverters, batteries and other components needed to build a cost saving, efficient and maintenance minimized stand-alone hybrid solar system.

Due to the universal layout and standardized communication protocols and interfaces, a wide range of inverters are supported.

  • PV inverter independent
  • Grid and generator controller integrated
  • Local datalogger included
  • Single board solution
  • easy to use web interface
  • support many different types of inverter manufactures

With the elgris HYBRID BASIC controller, almost any generator can be upgraded with any PV-system thus reducing power and safe on fuel.

The elgris HYBRID BASIC controller can handle two different setpoints. For example when the grid is available, the controller can be used to prevent export of solar energy to the grid ( zero export).
When the grid fails, and the generator is running, the same controller can be used for „Fuel Saving“. The controller measures the power from the grid or generator in single phase or three phase, minimum per phase or total minimum. The configuration can be easily changed without the need for special tools or expensive field engineers.

The controller reduce the output of the solar system by adjusting the set point of the inverter. When the generator is not running, the feed in protection is triggered and becomes active. When the generator is running and powering the load, the controller prevents the generator from running in a non optimum point of load and thus from high fuel consumption and avoids serious damages due to the low load.


The HYBRID BASIC controller has an integrated webserver which can be used to configure the system depended settings and check the performance. When the system is connected to the internet, the data also can be stored in the eCloud monitoring platform where the actual and the historical consumption of grid and solar power are shown via a graphic illustartion.

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