Hybrid in generator powered systems

HYBRID inverter 3 phase

HYBRID inverter 3 phase

The limitation of the AC coupled systems like a generator combined with a normal grid connected inverter lies in the maximum penetration of solar power. Due to the nature of a generator, there must be a certain load on the generator to prevent it from consuming excess fuel and ensure a smooth and stable run.

To overcome the additional fuel consumption and allow a greater solar penetration for the Diesel-PV hybrid system, elgris developed a new topology. The elgris inverters are DC coupled. This means that the generator and solar system are inputs for the elgris hybrid inverter and the output is made of an inverter.

This gives the elgris HYBRID inverter the following advances:

  • Up to 100 % solar power can be used to supply the load
  • 100 % clean and stable power supply
  • No need for an expensive storage battery
  • The generator can stopped
  • Short payback time due to the higher savings
  • Modular layout which can be easily expanded in the future

The elgris HYBRID inverters work with almost any generator. Also more than one generator can be combined and load sharing between the generators and solar system is handled automatic by the Diesel-PV HYBRID controller.

HYBRID in grid connected systems

The elgris HYBRID inverters can also be used in grid connected systems. When the grid is poor or not available throughout the day and/or night, the elgris HYBRID inverter can stabilize the grid. The output of the HYBRID inverter is not related to the input voltage, it is always stable under all load conditions.

HYBRID inverter with solar and grid inputs

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