Intelligent energy management for PV systems in private households starts with the elgris SMART METER! This is a powerful measurement solution that can be used to determine phase-accurate feed-in values in real time as well as consumption values. The recorded values are sent via Ethernet in the local network. Unlike other smart meters, the elgris SMART METER can communicate the data in turbo mode, which allows much more precise control. The intelligent electricity meter can send and receive all the PV generation or grid feed-in data as well as the grid reference with high accuracy and is integrated in a communication network.

The advantages are obvious: the elgris SMART METER works with a real-time measurement, which makes it possible to read the current consumption via an integrated web server. This up-to-date data will be transmitted to the eCloud without delay. Thus, the current as well as historic consumption and feed-in values are monitored graphically by our innovative software, the additional free eCloud. The eCloud is the perfect complement to the web server and provides a long-term overview of the exact power consumption.

WiFi Version with split core CT

The intelligent energy management offered by elgris therefore consists of a combination of the overview and adaptation of current consumption values by the web server and the customer-specific long-term data management by the eCloud. With this innovative diagnostic tool eCloud, which can be conveniently accessed via the smartphone at any time, unusual deviations from the average power consumption to the user immediately and can be corrected immediately.

In addition, we offer an open MODBUS / TCP interface. This allows the smart meter to be easily integrated into existing inventory assets without having to worry about manufacturer specifications. The product is easy to install because it is not connected to the circuit, but collects measurement data through separate CTs. Thus, the installation location is flexible. .

The elgris SMART METER is the only universal measuring device compatible with the SMA protocol and can be used immediately without any adjustments.

With the SMART METER, you always have an overview of your consumption and can immediately intervene in case of deviations.


  • SMA Smart Meter EMETER-10 and EMETER-20 compatible
  • SUNSPEC MODBUS/TCP Server integrated (LAN version only)
  • Real-time measurement of consumption and feed
  • Free eCloud solution for analyzing measurement data
  • Free app with storage of current and historical data
  • Easy operation via integrated web configuration

At a glance:

  • 100% compatible with SMA products (Sunny Boy, Sunny Island, Sunny Boy Storage, etc.)
  • Complete solution consisting of elgris SMART METER, integrated web server and eCloud monitoring

Integrated Webserver

The SMART METER includes a web server to customize the system parameters and display the status of the system.


The elgris SMART METER with LAN connection includes a MODBUS TCP server with parameter assignment according to the SunSpec parameter list 203.
By providing an open protocol, the implementation can be easily adapted to the user’s needs.

eCloud monitoring

With the elgris Cloud you can save data on the open source platform emonCMS. This allows the user a cloud solution in which all data can be visualized and transferred to other media. So you can access your data from anywhere on your computer as well as on your smartphone or tablet via an app. The system is also compatible with OpenHAB, allowing you to connect various components for building automation (smart home) from different vendors in a single platform, regardless of vendor or protocol.


LAN Version:

Smart Meter Flyer (English)

Smart Meter Manual(English)

WiFi Version:

Smart Meter WiFi Flyer (Deutsch)

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