Hybrid power solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of hybrid power solutions combining fossil fuel powered generators and a renewable source like photovoltaic, elgris is your competent partner for your dedicated power solution. We offer different products targeting your individual needs based on the actual power consumption.

100% self-consumption guaranteedNo PV export
Single unit solution
Plug and Play
PV inverter independent
Compact size
Realt time protection
Start saving todayPlug and play
Energy storage optional
Temperature range -40°C to 60°C
Flexible system layout
Multi genset support
Only SMA EMETER alternative:LAN & WiFi
Includes online monitoring
LAN and WiFi version
SMA EMETER compatibel
Very attractive pricing

Working principal of the elgris HYBRID controller

In this video you can see how the elgris HYBRID controller adjust the amount of Diesel power within a hybrid system

Our service for you

System design

The most important and critical steps in the process of going hybrid or retrofit systems is the correct sizing of the system components. With over 10 years of experience we are expert to take over this critical part!

Continues savings

Since the technology improves continuously it is important that investments are protected and can be expanded in the future depending on new loads or other expansions. We offer backwards compatibility in this important part.

Service agreement

Adequate service and maintenance tailored to the needs and size of the client protects investments and secures savings. Together with our partners we guarantee you a reliable system with quick reaction times.

Contact and Support

Our support team is available 24/7 (depending on your SLA) for questions and support. Please use our contact form or details on the contact page.

Why should i use elgris hybrid technology elgris HYBRID controllers and systems are optimized to reduce your fuel consumption


Areas in the world not being connected to the main…

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German engineering

'The best engineers come from Germany' The German way of engineering…

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Case studies

Read more about our products and savings from selected projects

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Save more fuel with an elgris HYBRID controller Any Generator, Any Solarsystem – elgris controllers are the most flexible available today

TelecomRe-powering antenna stations
Solar telecom controllers
AC and DC Input for solar and generator
Storage Easy integration of storage
48 V DC output
Monitoring Extensive monitoring and control
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HYBRIDComplex systems
Diesel HYBRID controllers
Three phase measurement
Monitoring HTTP / FTP storage
Selected inverter Speedwire/MODBUS
Power management Increase quality
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All elgris products comes with an Certificate of Origin "Made in Germany"
All our products can be used either in a grid connected solar PV system or in a Diesel-PV Hybrid system.
In case of special demands, please contact our sales team and we will find a solution.
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Green Power Ltd.

I really enjoyed working with elgris controllers, I’m looking forward to using it on future projects.

Green power, ltd.
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By using the elgris HYBRID system, we were able to reduce our fuel costs with 70%

Generator Power, Ltd.

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With the elgris monitoring suite, we can manage our 1,200 sites at one glance.

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elgris offered a door to door logistics, even for urban and remote areas

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