With the HYBRID GRID GUARD controller, elgris offers an easy to use, but high quality control system targeting grid connected applications.The unique features of the elgris controller define new standards in term of commissioning time, durability and performance.
Based on the in-house developed HYBRID control algorithm, the elgris controller determines the power consumption from the grid. When the grid consumption drops below a user defined set point, the controller adjusts the photovoltaic system to prevent the photovoltaic system from feeding into the grid. Due to the universal layout and standardized communication protocols and interfaces, a wide range of inverters are supported.
With the elgris HYBRID GRID GUARD controller, almost any photovoltaic system can be connected to a grid, even when local regulations do not allow the feed in of excess power.

Working principle:

The elgris HYBRID GRID GUARD controller measures single phase the actual power supplied to the load by the grid and multiplies this number by three for all phases.
When the load of the grid is below a user defined threshold level, the controller will automatically reduce the power output of the photovoltaic to increase the load of the grid.
When the load of the grid is still lower than the minimum threshold level, the photovoltaic is disconnected to prevent the system for feeding in.
At night, or when the actual power of the photovoltaic is very low (due to clouds etc), the load is supplied by the grid.

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